Therapeutic yoga

Unite the mind, body, and spirit through mindful breathing and body postures to improve stress coping, lessen pain, and improve specific health conditions. In Ithaca, therapeutic yoga is led by Suzanne Scholten through the JS Wellness Ithaca branch. Click here to learn more.

Why practice therapeutic yoga?

Your yoga therapist will create individual sequences and/or activities, according to your needs, these activities will create a beneficial change within the body and the mind. These sequences will be done during a private session and you will be given follow-up techniques to practice on your own to assist your healing or for preventative measures.


What ailments is it good for, and how?

Therapeutic yoga is a good for everyone. Its good for those who want to stretch, for those who want to loose weight, for those who want to relax and specifically for the following:

Stress management techniques aid the parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous to be balanced, letting go of the “fight” response many people live with daily. One working with anxiety may take more sessions to allow the stress management techniques to become habit, but once they are applied a person will feel more healthy and relaxed.

Breathing techniques work with the diaphragm and secondary muscles of the body to bring in more oxygen. This allows the practitioner to understand how to control the breath. Also the yoga therapist will show techniques for stress management.

Postures and movements, stress management, and sound vibrations allow the practitioner to create a space in the areas of the body that are tight so they may relax and let go of tension build up. Specific breathing techniques also work to create space in the muscles, allow the organs to work more efficiently, and assist the movement of energy within the cells to eliminate stagnation of energy.

Stress management techniques will assist the practitioner to let go of the excess heat in their body. There are also many movements that the person can do to assist in releasing excessive heat and stress build-up.

Restorative poses will be used to assist in the flow of blood and energy allowing the body and mind to be at peace. The practitioner will leave feeling light and relaxed.

Postures and movements aid the body with proper digestion techniques allowing the body to anchor rising heat and/or energy. Also, stress management techniques allow the individual to deal with daily stresses more calmly, letting go of the “stress headaches” and build up of stresses that cause migraines.

Stress management techniques and specific restorative poses allow one the ability to relax and let go of tension. These techniques assist with the pressure in the body to calm the mind, leaving the body and mind more relaxed.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions may vary. Each person is a unique individual with different body types, emotions, and thoughts. At JS Wellness the acupuncturist will work closely with the yoga therapist to assist in diagnosis and with the duration of visits. The goal of therapeutic yoga is that you leave with a few ideas of what you can do on your own at home, practice these techniques and feel the changes. Then the therapist will email you some follow-up ideas including: videos and email definitions of poses covered for you to work on at home. Some may need only one session while other may want 10 to ensure that that they are doing the work and time to ask questions. JS Wellness wants you to have the tools to work with and take control of your life to feel great!