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Let me introduce myself for those of you who do not know me in Jersey City. I teach yoga in Queens, NY at BambooMoves, a studio which I own. I am looking to expand by working with Joseph Tonzola in Jersey City. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for about 10 years. My introduction to yoga was an Ayurveda course in India and since then I have been able to experience the benefits of yoga both through taking class and teaching.

I teach a specific technique called yoga therapy and gentle yoga. This type of teaching is best done in a one-on-one setting to assist the student on specific poses, which are created for the needs of the individual. Often times in America we take yoga classes, which are great if you know the dos and don’ts of yoga. But many of us do a style of yoga that may not be conducive to the type of body, a specific injury or ailment, or for certain mental disorders that one may struggle with. Therapeutic yoga is a system that looks at the body as a whole using different techniques, such as; breathing, postures or movements, sound creation, and different forms of stress management techniques. This system allows one to handle daily stresses within the body to heal chronic injuries to feel strong and healthy.

Dr. Saper, the Director of Integrative Medicine at Boston Medical Center and Dr. Dean Ornish, founder of Preventive Medicine Research Institute, have shown that having a balanced lifestyle can minimize or in fact eliminate many of the chronic illnesses we face today. Dr. Saper, illustrates in research that incorporating spirituality, social, and mental components one is more likely to receive longer, lasting effects verses a singular therapy such as drug therapy. With this observation, Dr. Saper has opened up how important a yoga practice is and that it is very beneficial to many people, if not all peoples.

Private sessions can take place one time to learn a yoga prescription or sequence of postures, breathing techniques and meditation to assist healing or it can be weekly until one feels comfortable to do a home practice. As yoga therapy works with the whole person; mind, body and spirit or energy the healing experience comes not from the therapist working with you, but from your determination to feel better. This is why one receives sequences to do at home. Just 20 minutes a day can make a huge difference on how you feel and how you perceive life. If you want to fully live a more joyful, peaceful life by taking less medication, feeling less aches and pains, and being able to smile more, use yoga, a practice over 4500 years old.

Research cited from lecture given by Dr. Saper, using these articles:

Sessions are 1 hour long

Patients of Joseph Tonzola, $60/session

Non-patients, $85/session

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