Tackle Winter Colds Naturally

I start listening more closely to signs that my body is giving me as soon as I first start feeling sick. For me it’s the sore throat. This is my weakness and I know I better pay attention and listen to this pain in my throat, or this informative sore throat will become something I can’t handle. Now at this point when I first start feeling sick I take strong steps to knock it out. These steps are to kill the infection, boost the immune system, eat really clean and cut sugar, and get plenty of rest. USE THEM, THEY WORK!:-)

  1. KILL THE INFECTION: I tell all my patients about garlic and oil of oregano as staples for this step. Yes chewing raw garlic, garling with, sloshing it around in my mouth, and then slowly often with some avocado to lessen the garlics harshness on my stomach, I swallow. There are numerous reasons why garlic is superior to antibiotics to killing this throat infection. Here is a short list: Garlic does NOT unnecessarily kill gut bacteria, Chewing garlic and letting its juices slosh around at your mouth and throat gives you a local more powerful treatment, Garlic is cheap and accessible, Garlic has been shown to be antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, and garlic breath keeps others from getting sick by keeping them at a distance.
  2. BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Next step is to boost your immune activity to fight the infection. Increase Vit C and Vit D! We are chronically low in Vit D here in the northeast and it is such a great immune system regulator.
  3. CLEAN UP YOUR DIET! Cut out all processed sugar as this feeds the bacterial infection and weakens your immune system. Avoid wheat and dairy as they may tax your immune system if you unknowingly are reacting to the proteins that make them up. Eat really clean with steamed vegetables, home cooked soups, and herbal teas.
  4. GET AS MUCH REST AS POSSIBLE!. Sleep is regenerative. Your inner world needs all the energy it can muster up to fight. If you are busy interacting with the world around you then part of your energy will always be unavailable to work at getting you healthy.

These are the steps I have found to be helpful, and some of you I am sure have some of your own natural ways you put to work when you become sick. The important thing is to become a better observer, embrace the dis-ease and pain, and take the opportunity to grow when faced with a problem or sickness. Believe in yourself, in your immune function, in your own energy. The power you have inside your body is like no other energy. Learn to harness it and release it as needed to aid to your wellness and growth as a human being.

Joseph Tonzola L.Ac.

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